Federal Hill

Federal Hill brands itself as "historically hip." Most of the buildings in the neighborhood date back to before the turn of the century, and Federal Hill itself has been witness to lots of history. During the Civil War, Lincoln ordered guns placed atop the hill to keep Baltimore from swaying from the Union cause.

These days, a hip new lifestyle has taken over Federal Hill. The neighborhood is now full of young professionals. Boutiques such as Babe and Whimsy/Reason cater to the chic urbanite, and nearly all the homes in Federal Hill have been stylishly renovated. The renovation front is slowly moving south to encompass the rest of South Baltimore, making the entire peninsula one of the more popular neighborhoods in the city.

The bars around Cross Street have become a mecca for young partiers on the weekends. Karaoke, dancing, and drinks of all kinds can be found seven nights a week along Cross Street. At the heart of everything in Federal Hill is Cross Street Market. The market hosts a variety of food vendors, florists, butchers, and stands. Also home to Nick's Oyster Bar, the market is both a shopping destination and a perfect place to have a beer, eat some oysters, and catch up with the neighborhoods' veterans.

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